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Monday, July 31, 2017   /   by Dan Edwards

The BEST time to buy a home in Seattle...

is right now.  If you love your family, friends, etc. you have a responsibility to let them know what I am about to share.  Even if you don’t believe it, hopefully you can see the wisdom of it and at least share the possibility with them. 
All the bailout money that is happening and by all indications, will continue in the new presidency, is simply being printed.  We do not have it.  Everyone knows it.  We are simply printing paper.  The end result of printing all that money can only be one thing. Once that money starts working its way into the system we will see something we have not seen in a long time-inflation.  There is no other result of overprinting money.  In inflationary times, cash, bonds and stocks do poorly.  Only two investments thrive in inflationary times-precious metals like gold, and real estate.  When inflation hits, the Fed HAS to raise rates to fight it.  This is their only method for fightin ...

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