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Tuesday, December 12, 2017   /   by Gabby Bauer

Community Events in Bellevue


Bellevue is the fifth largest city in Washington, with a people of more than 140,000 (as of 2017). Enclosed by outstanding natural beauty and outdoor spaces, this one-of-a-kind place offers the ultimate in shopping, dining and cultural attractions, all within easy walking distance of popular hotels.

Bellevue Magic Season Ice Arena presented by Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® card

Skate and celebrate at the Bellevue Magic Season Ice Arena presented by Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® card, the region’s largest open-air holiday ice skating experience! This beloved Magic Season tradition is the perfect memory-making activity for family and friends.


Garden d'Lights

Garden d’Lights features over half a million sparkling lights formed into the whimsical shapes of plants, flowers, birds, animals, and cascading waterfalls set amid the natural beauty of the Bellevue Botanical Garden. ...

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017   /   by Gabby Bauer

Community Events in Issaquah

Issaquah is a city in King County, Washington, United States. The population was 37,322 in a 2016 census estimate. Located in a valley and bisected by Interstate 90, the city is bordered by the Sammamish Plateau to the north and the Issaquah Alps to the south."Issaquah" is an anglicized word for a local Native American name, meaning either "the sound of birds", "snake", or "little stream". "Squak Valley", an older name for the area, also derives from this same Native-American name.

Here are some of the upcoming events in Issaquah that you will surely enjoy !

Open Mic at Blakely Hall

Please come and join us for an evening of fun and entertainment from local talents. All ages are welcome. We welcome those who wish to play music, read poetry, tell a story, or perform a standup comedy routine. Please remember this is a family event and everyone is expected to show respect to performers and audience. Performers are limited to 2 songs or 10 minutes, whichever comes ...

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Monday, December 11, 2017   /   by Gabby Bauer


Myth: You should always price your home high and gradually correct the sales price downward.
Truth: Pricing too high can be as bad as pricing too low.
Your strategy in listing high may be that you will always have the chance to accept a lower offer. But the truth is that if the listing price is too high, you’ll miss out on a percentage of buyers looking in the price range where your home should be. Offers may not even come in, because the buyers who would be most interested in your home are scared off by the price and won’t even take the time to look. By the time the listing price is corrected, you may have already lost exposure to a large group of potential buyers.
Your real estate agent will be able to offer you a comparable market analysis for your home. This is essentially a document that compares your home to other similar homes in your area, with the goal of helping you to accurately assess your home’s true market value.
Myth: Mix-ups can wait unti ...

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Friday, December 8, 2017   /   by Gabby Bauer


Indoor Birthday!

With the turning of the leaves comes the transition to colder days which means we look more to indoor activities to keep our minds and bodies active. Eastside Real Estate Blogger thought it would be useful to provide our readers with a guide to the Eastside’s indoor birthday parties. We have compiled a list that features an idea for every kind of birthday party from sports to arts. Whether you are new to the Eastside or need new and fresh indoor birthday party ideas on the Eastside, take a look at this list for your next birthday bash.

Home is a great place to celebrate birthdays! There are great options to entertaining a house full of kids that will make the birthday party fun for the children and easy for the parents.

Bricks4 Kidz Party: This ingenious idea brings the timeless and most popular toy to your home, Legos! Bricks4 Kidz, servicing the Seattle-East ...

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Thursday, December 7, 2017   /   by Gabby Bauer


We all want to be happy. Did you know there are steps we can take to be happier? Here are 5 Ways to Increase your Happiness.

Invest time in your family and friends. Studies have shown that strong family ties reduce rates of depression, suicide and stress, and may even help you live longer. Happiness action steps: Create a family ritual such as a weekly family meal or an annual vacation, and schedule an afternoon playing golf or wine tasting with friends.

Find your purpose. Happy people have a reason to get up in the morning, are able to live their values and use their skills and talents to fuel their passions in their professions, the community and their personal lives. Happiness action step: What’s your “why”? If you’re not sure, ask: When do I feel fulfilled or happiest? When do I feel that I am maximizing my full potential? What do I want my life to look like in a year? Five years? Ten years?

Have faith. Rel ...

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